Wahhh tajuk.. Apart from the lemang, rendang, ketupat, lontong and all the Raya dishes I consumed during this raya holiday.. there is ‘something’ else inside me.. ‘Something’ that we have been waiting for quite some times now when it comes it almost feels magical..

Yes, you guessed it right! I’m pregnant!

I thought I’d blog again another 6 months or so (so much of the enthusiasm in the last post – pfftt went down the drain). But I guess this news deserves its own post, heck it deserves its own blog! 🙂

A few days before I checked using UPT (I used Dip n Tell Rm10 or so), I sensed something is not right. I didn’t ate too much but I kept on vomitting. I remembered we went to Mak Tam’s house for raya, she served nasi lemak and I was so hungry I ate like a cow (female one lah.. more polite). Then before going back (still at her house), I vomitted everything. Hungry again.. Huhu

Other signs were:

(i) I ate laksa my SIL’s cook. Why you asked? I never eat laksa and never fancy them. But it just happened, I opened the pot and serve myself to not one but two servings. (I vomitted anyways) but the point is, before this I never liked laksa at all and never even tempted to try them!

(ii) Went to Giant to buy some stuff. Picked-up sanitary pads (usually I bought the biggest, easy no need to buy few times). Yet I put them back on the shelves with a thought ‘eh who knows I might be pregnant this month’

(iii) Raya – I keep on posting on FB that this is our 2nd raya together and next year there will be four of us. Finger crossing it’s a twin! 🙂

Then, that day (21 July)  I was already 22 days late anyway (normal for my case – so really, not an issue). I kept on vomitting since morning. So I rushed to the pharmacy during office hour, tested it and waited anxiously for the line to turn red. Ok.. first red. Nevermind, normal lah negative, as usual. As I was about to wash the peeing stick, suddenly another line came up makes the total to two (positive). I was so shocked I shed a tear. Done washing it, I get out of the loo and texted Mr B straight away – urgent, call me back!

Within a second he called me, are you ok dear?

B, I’m pregnant! (The most awaited phrases since 1.5 years ago but we do sometimes say it out of fun!)

Whatttttt????? He, on the other end. ‘Why you tell me now, tak surprise !! Should’ve waited another hour until I picked u!’

Cannot wait already laaaaaaa!!!!! Ceh, dare asking me to keep it secret another hour. Who can tahan?

There, the day that we know you are inside us, baby Q (not necessarily will name him/her with a Q, but for now it should d0).

We promised to keep it sealed until we know for sure (plan to meet doctor the next day) but being the big-mouth that he is, he spill the beans at my uncle’s that night when we were there for beraya. There, and for all we know the whole world knows by tomorrow morning 🙂

The next day we went to the doctor, did a urine test and the nurse came out of the doctor’s room smiling. Once inside the consultation room, the doctor said – it’s positive, congratulations! She gave us the (thoroughly washed, I hope) UPT for remembrance, erk!

When it came from a professional’s mouth, barulah nak percaya.. Hehe.. Now we are proud parents to an 8-weeks fetus. Hoping that baby Q survived this ordeal and see the world on 8th March 2017. In sya Allah..

Your prayers are all we need..




It has been what? A good 5 years since I last blogged? I almost thought that I don’t even remember the password to this blog.. (but I just remember that I use the same username and password to all my online account (bank, airlines, social media etc). Phew..

I didn’t even know that this blog is still exist.. Except that one time in 2015 when we just got married, I felt obliged to tell my hubsy everything he needs to know about me (boyfriend list, schools, pets, fav colours and blog domain..). OK, enough introduction on the amusement I got from just by login in this wordpress.

I think I want to start blogging again? Why, u ask?

I think the last post was in 2011, being the last time I switch my career from ‘urban-dweller’ to ‘laid-back’ Cyberjaya. I don’t have the answers to the whys, it’s actually a mixture of everything -from ‘i don’t have anything to blog about’ to ‘my life is just so bored at that time’ to ‘I’m just super duper busy’ to ‘I just lost my writing modjo’..

And now I hope I’m back for good. A good 20mins to write about what’s going on with my life will definitely not gonna affect my job right? (as opposed to what 1-hour of online shopping does..err..) hehe

I think the happiest person who know that I’ll be blogging again would be my hubsy. He read most of my writings whenever he got the chance (and use it for personal attack ON ME when time needed.. haih!).

OK, readers. Now that the writer’s block has been removed, let’s see if I can continue this ‘so-called hobby since I was in primary school’ in a shorter time that 5 years.. Haha..Till then!


Insha Allah


If I tell you something, you might give me ‘the look’ or even shake your head in disbelief.

Honestly, I never understand the concept of “Insha Allah”. At least, the old me never did.

I remember that it always peeved me when I ask people whether they’re coming and they RSVP-ed with an “Insha Allah”. I thought it was a safe answer for either “I’ll be coming” or “I might not be coming”. I need a definite answer. I hate to be left in the dark without knowing either it’s a yes, or a no.

Little did I know that it is impossible to say “yes” or “no” to something that we DON’T KNOW. Whether it will happen or not. Yes, that’s the stupid and arrogant me. Always wanted people to do as I said, without taking into account that the universe is administered by one superpower that is ALLAH. Not mine, obviously. But I always like to take matter in my own hand. It’s simple, it’s either yes, or not. Either you’re interested, or not.

I used to be mad when people say “Insha Allah” when I ask them whether they’ll do it or not. Whether they’ll come or not. Whether they’ll go or not. Astaghfirullah, I was so naive and arrogant, I seek your forgiveness Ya Rabb..

Now, when being asked whether I’ll do it or not, whether I’ll come or not, whether I’ll go or not, my answer will always be “Insha Allah”. And I understand when they get mad and asked “Tell me the real thing, are u coming or not? I need to confirm my guest list blahblah”. Maybe they still don’t understand the concept of “Insha Allah”. I don’t blame them, I was like that before. It’s not you’re trying to defy God, it’s just that you think some things are beyond your control.

Trust me, none of them AREN’T.

If I say YES I’LL COME to your event and for all I know, I die on the way. I would have broken the promise, innit? That would be a shame..

Take your time to ponder. Allah is always great. There’s always a reason for everything and you will fond solace when you find the answer..

Nuzul al-Quran

Terdapat dua pendapat mengikut ahli sejarah, termasuk pendapat para ahli hadis, tentang Al-Quran yang diturunkan (diwahyukan) kepada Nabi Muhammad saw.

Pendapat pertama menyatakan bahawa Al-Quran diturunkan pada malam Isnin tanggal 17 Ramadhan, 13 tahun sebelum hijrah (6 Ogos 610 M). Pendapat kedua pula menyatakan bahawa Al-Quran telah diturunkan pada malam Isnin, tanggal 24 Ramadhan (13 Ogos 610 M). Pendapat yang pertama adalah berdasarkan ayat 41 dari Surah Al-Anfaal, manakala pendapat kedua dasarnya adalah ayat 1 Surah Al-Qadr dan ayat 1-4 Surah Ad-Dukhan.

Walaupun tradisi Nuzul Al-Quran telah lazim diperingati pada tanggal 17 Ramadhan, namun sesungguhnya pendapat kedua adalah lebih kuat dan lebih mungkin benarnya. Ini adalah kerana malam Lailatul Qadar yang dipercayai sebagai malam turunnya Al-Quran bukanlah terjadi pada tanggal 17 Ramadhan.

Adapun dalam firman Allah SWT pada ayat 41 surah Al-Anfaal, yaitu: “…jika kamu beriman kepada Allah dan apa-apa yang Kami turunkan kepada hamba Kami (Nabi Muhammad saw) pada hari Furqan,iaitu di hari bertemunya dua pasukan (diperang Badar, antara muslimin dan kafirin)…” (TTQ 8 : 41) Ayat tersebut tidak ada sangkut-pautnya dengan Nuzul Al-Quran.

Tetapi sebenarnya ayat tersebut merupakan penjelasan tentang hukum pembahagian harta rampasan perang (seperti yang terdapat pada awal ayat tersebut). ” Ketahuilah sesungguhnya apa saja yang dapat kamu peroleh sebagai rampasan perang, maka sesungguhnya seperlima untuk Allah, RasulNya, kerabat-kerabat (Rasul), anak-anak yatim, orang-orang miskin dan ibnussabil (orang yang sedang dalam perjalanan)…” (TTQ 8 : 41).

Dan apabila diteliti dengan lebih lanjut, yakni dengan menghubungkan hadis-hadis tentang turunnya Al-Quran, iaitu pada Lailatul-Qadar dan kelahiran Rasullullah pada hari Isnin serta pada catatan-catatan waktu di dalam takwim, maka akan diperolehi kesimpulan yang lebih tepat, iaitu Al-Quran diturunkan pada hari Isnin, malam 21 bulan Ramadhan, 13 tahun sebelum Rasullulah saw berhijrah ke Madinah.

Menurut para mufassirin, Al-Quran yang diturunkan pada malam “Lailatul Qadar” sebagaimana disebut di atas adalah Al-Quran yang turun sekaligus di “Baitul Izzah” di langit dunia. Sedangkan Al-Quran yang diturunkan ke bumi dan diterima Rasullullah sebagai wahyu terjadi secara beransur-ansur selama sekitar 23 tahun.

Adapun ayat-ayat yang pertama diturunkan (diwahyukan) kepada Nabi Muhammad saw adalah ayat 1-5 surah Al-‘Alaq.

Dan peristiwa ini terjadi ketika nabi saw sedang bertahannus (menyendiri) di Gua Hira. Sedangkan ayat Al-Quran yang terakhir sekali diturunkan adalah ayat-ayat riba iaitu ayat 278 sehingga 281 dari surah Al-Baqarah.


Second Chance

Dengan nama Allah Yang Maha Pemurah Lagi Maha Mengasihani.

Segala puji bagi Allah.

I realized that I haven’t blog for so long. And if there’s even one reader who doesn’t know of my whereabouts and wonders of this hiatus, let me just say that I have my reasons.

For one year, since I’ve join A**in, my life has completely turned topsy-turvey. Nak makan and solat pun rushing. Life has become a roller coaster ride. I’m always short of breathe. Nervous, anxious, rushing to finish off whatever that I’m doing. Balik keja at odd hours. Kena marah on daily basis. Never got time for myself or other people. Dissapoint people who are counting on me. The job literally eat me up alive. Until the day I said enough is enough and I need to regain back my… sanity.

I decided to leave, but I think it’s wise if I waited until the bonus came out. It was January and suddenly a thought struck me. I’ve been living in sins for so long and I really need a heavy-duty cleanse, or a retreat from this material and posed life. I wasn’t so pious pun before, hardly wear tudung outside, missed prayers, doesn’t matter shake hands with male clients etc. I think I need to reinvent my life for the better, in terms of my position and duty as a Muslimah. I vowed that if I got my bonus, I’ll go perform Umrah and try to seek the missing that I’m looking for. Alhamdulillah my dear friend Syakira is with me throughout this journey. I’d be lost without her.

Bonus did came out, and I was one of the highest payee. I decided to stick with my decision regardless. The company was sorta stunned when I handed over my resignation letter. They thought I was happy there, they just thought wrong. I’ve become a bitter person and I realized  I don’t have time to lead the dunia life well, let alone the after life.

I keep to my niat and register for Umrah trip. The journey was the most beautiful journey I’ve ever endured. I don’t know if there’s any one person that went there and never changed for the better.

I’m blessed that Allah gave me a second chance in life.

Second chance to remember Him every living second by berzikir. I hardly remember Allah by berzikir before, with sole excuse I was too busy.

Second chance to remember Nabi Muhammad saw. I was too egoist to admit that He is our role model and we should lead the life according to His sunnah.

Second chance to pray on time and never miss any prayers. I hardly pray on time and sometimes just take for granted solat if it’s not convenience for me to perform it. Masha Allah..

Second chance to perform ibadah sunat every chance that I got. I barely do solat sunnah Dhuha, Rawatib, Hajat, Tahajjud before.

Second chance to embrace Islam by reading Islamic materials and sirah Nabi and para sahabat. I normally read English fictions and never spend my money on Islamic materials. Now I realized how shallow I was.

Second chance to understand Islam better by studying the tafsir al-Quran. I never find the time to understand Islam wholly by reading the meaning in al-Quran. Answers to all questions in the whole universe lies in there.

Second chance to recite al-Quran daily. I gave excuses that I’m too busy to recite al-Quran whilst I always find time to watch tv and surf the net.

Second chance to be a good Muslimah in terms of appearance, verbal or doings. I don’t care about how I dressed, how I talked, how I behaved before. Now I know that there are things that I can do and cannot do.

Second chance to be a better daughter, sister and employee. Insyallah.

Second chance in life to be a better Muslimah. Thank You Allah for giving me Hidayah and second chance in life. This is your greatest gift…

Mari Belajar al-Quran

So, I finally met my dream guy.

He ticked all the boxes alright [religious, waaaaaay educated than me and landed on the best job ever – did I mention good pay too?] 😉

Problem is, he’s trapped in a 44-year old body and well.. is married.

Fret not. Adding up the homewrecker statistic is not high in my to-do-list. I have my own principle and I’m standing strong by it.

So, the hunting resumed 🙂 But now, it gives me a piece of mind knowing that a guy like that exists. All these while, I thought it exists only in my wildest dream!  Heh.

Ps : Funny that I didn’t find the 2-hours rendezvous a slightest bore though I expected the worst of it! And I bet he did too 🙂

Ps2 : What makes me even more cair was the fact that he loves his family. Too much. Attaboy! 🙂